Personally I enjoyed doing this live-tweeting project.  As I have said in my previous blog, I was originally not a fan of Twitter and in fact hated it.  This project brought Twitter closer to me and made it fun!  I saw the benefits of live-tweeting, not only from the postings that I did, but from the postings that other in my class did as well.  Getting updates on events you are interested in, live can be very useful. Even things greater than what we tweeted in class. There are many examples of live-tweeting that have helped people.  It can be used to protect people during natural disasters, crimes, and other serious events where instant information about a topic is necessary.   Overall this project opened my eyes on the benefits of Twitter.  I guess it isn’t only for people that are lame and have nothing better to do with their life but waste their time on the internet.


2 thoughts on “Storify

  1. I also like the way that you put comments in between the Tweets. I also liked the way you started with a comical Tweet about looking for cleats. It gave a good set up for the other Tweets and I will use it in my future Storify.


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