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These three memes that I created above all pertain to texting.  Some go as far as texting is something that keeps starting at a younger and younger age to, people cannot go about their everyday life without a cell phone.  I chose the images I did because of past memes that I have seen.  I think that the baby picture and the Mr. Bean picture are just hysterical, and the Boromir picture because it relates to people not wanting to do something.  These memes are more closely focused toward young adults and parents. I believe these pictures tell a good tail about the people in our society, and though they may seem funny, there are in most cases sadly true. The first meme with the child shows that the children getting cell phones are at an incrediably younger age.  The double entendre of still in a “crib” emphasizes that before too long, if not already, children are going to receive cell phones and other devices while they are still in a baby crib. Next the one with Boromir is quite simple to catch.  Many teens and even adults carry or always have their phones by their sides.  Is this ruining us or does this make us more superior then the previous generation?  Lastly the picture with Mr. Bean is kind of a spin off how people think texting is all about abbreviations, but with today’s technology, texting seems to follow the English language more closely than before.  Overall I am trying to point out that there may be some problems with how early we are presenting these devices to our children, and how we might be misusing them by using them all the time.