When to get a Cell Phone?

When is the right time to give your child a cell-phone?  This is huge topic for parents.  Am I making the right choice about when to give my child a cell-phone? Should we wait longer or rush and give them cell-phones when they can talk?  People can probably go many ways with this and I already know that they have.  You see parents wait until their children are in high school or even later in some cases before they even have the discussion on whether it is the right time for one.  Although you have the flipside to that argument as well.  Many parents in today’s age are pushing for this children to have these devices.  You see kids with IPads as babies and kids with IPhones and smartphones when they are in elementary school.  Frankly, since I got my phone in 6th grade and did not get texting till 7th, I think children are getting them too soon.  With that being said there is evidence in both cause that having an electronic device can improve kids ability to read and write, but on the other hand  having devices can also be bad for people at this young age.  Currently teenagers and adults constantly use their cell-phones and have them on hand for almost, if not 24 hours during the day.  Are we wasting our time by being on our cell phones?  If we let our children have them at younger ages aren’t we pretty much allowing them to miss out on all the things around us?

In this picture you see people outside in beautiful surroundings, but yet they aren’t enjoying them they are on there phones.  Do you want our children to miss out on the amazing things we did as kids?

Although on the other hand there have been studies that prove that having a cell phone can benefits to these kids.  As David Crystal says in Why all the Fuss, “if you do start to text, I would expect the additional experience of writing to be a help, rather than a hindrance.”  It is true that texting does allow young ones to gain writing experience and gives them the ability to write all the time. Also, to add onto that, schools are starting to lean towards electronic devices in the class room.  As stated by Brain Shane, in USA Today,”Now, a growing number of schools are turning to the smartphones students bring with them to school as an instructional device that can augment classroom learning.”  Letting your kids become accustom to the new technology at a younger age could be as beneficial.

Though this may seem good, there are also side effects, as mentioned in the class by a peer, after having a cell-phone children tend to become more impatient with each other and things.

With all of this being said, what would you do if you had a kid?  What age would you deem appropriate to give them a cell-phone, Ipad, or similar devices?