1. My misconception is that “All engineers are weird, geeks, or nerds”.
  2. My goal is to show people that aren’t engineers that engineers in general are not all weird, and that there are “normal” people out there. It is supposed to show that the profession of engineering isn’t full of weird people.
  3. The intended audience is high school kids, college kids, and young adults.
  4. My infographic is going to be visually appealing and attract younger adults to want to read and understand it.
  5. I really enjoyed the “Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits and Literacy Productivity” because of the way they displayed all the writers. I believe mine will be similar in ways.  One of my next favorites would be the “Is Your State’s Highest-Paid Employee a Coach?” because the picture gets straight to the point and makes it very easy to interpret what the goal is.  In my infographic I will try to do the same by making the visuals get straight to the point.
  6. Some information that I will need to find, is proof that there are “normal” engineers. I will do some by giving examples of famous people that are engineers. And also show some of the things that engineers have done to help prove that fact that all cannot possibly be weird. Some sources I am going to use will be Forbes’s Magazine and other well creditable source related to engineering.