Where’s Your Phone?

Where is your phone?  Mine is right by my side as I am typing this blog.  As many of your read this, I am willing to bet more than not have theirs by their side, in their pocket, or within arms reach.  Is this bad?  Should we be concerned with always having this technology by our side?  For example, in Always On Turkle talks about cyborgs, ‘he had “become” his device”, and ” “With it,” he said, referring to his collection of connectivity devices, “it’s not just that I remember people or know more. I feel invincible, sociable, better prepared. I am naked without it.”.  Have any of you felt this way?  Your phone makes you feel more prepared for things, a better person, or even smarter.  Do you feel as if you are naked without it?  I try and take down time from my phone every now and then, but it truly is harder than it looks.  It is not as easy as you may think.  For example I have been in public sitting at a table with my phone under a menu, and then minutes later sporadically freak out wondering and checking where my phone is.  Coming to find it was right next to me the whole time.  This cannot be good can it?  I believe that in today’s day and age people are becoming extremely dependent on their devices.

In Are You Married to Your Cell Phone, Boehi made some good arguments though, “Adjusting to some form of new technology is nothing new.”, and he lists examples of electricity, cars, and TV’s.  So what is the difference with phones.  Like many of those things, people became connected.  Electricity we use it everyday.  Cars, before them we were still able to get from A to B, but they make it easier for us.  These are just a few examples that related to cell phone.  Yeah before cell phones were around we could still communicated and use the internet.  It is just now, we are able to do it quicker, faster, and easier!

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