Trending Analysis

Rough Draft

Published Draft is on Page


One thought on “Trending Analysis

  1. 1. There are very strong main points in this story. The hashtag you chose is a great example of a portal for campaign support as well as supportive and negative political outlooks. You mention the emotions this hashtag arouses and go on to elaborate on them.
    2. The only thing you could go further with are the negative uses of the hashtag. Maybe have more examples of the negative outlook. Maybe show difference between the negative opinions and trolling through politics.
    3. The emotions of national pride are great to point out. I would also add the element of popularity or social currency to this analysis. Show how people share this content to discuss with friends, be funny, or show they are informed in the political world.
    4.The only thing to add is the conclusion paragraph at the end wrapping up your ideas. But you make some great points and back them up with relevant tweets.


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