Live Tweeting Experience

Prior to this class I was the type of person that hated Twitter.  Personally I thought Twitter was a waste of time, and really only for people that had to be on their phones constantly.  This media site had just left a sour taste in my mouth and I became super apposed to it.

After finding out that we would have to learn about Twitter, and have to tweet about things in this class I was super in disappointment.  Though having to to go through the procedure, because I did not want to FAIL the class, I ended up starting to like it surprisingly.  I guess like many things, when you are forced to try something, it is all about your attitude and how you approach it.  Though hating Twitter, I was willing to give it another try.  Doing many of the assignment and playing Twitter vs Zombies, created a little spark in my attitude about Twitter.  Playing these fun games and interacting with classmates, showed me how Twitter can be exciting and beneficial.  Not only was it fun, but I was about to reach out to others in the class that I haven’t talked to and see the humorous sides of them as well.

Live tweeting sounded lame at first, but in reality can be a fun and exciting thing.  In today’s day and age it is harder to keep the attentions of students, so bringing games and interactive lessons with Twitter can help students focus.  As stated by Long ,”I live-tweet for the same reason I take notes, it heightens my attention, forces me to become an active listener”.  Also you can find on Twitter, that, “There’s a real advantage to live-tweeting. For example, our research into live-tweeting by @MLB teams found that it resulted in follower growth 1.6x the average and 1.9x as many Retweets.”


So I have come to realize that Twitter isn’t just for people that need time to waste or have boring lives and cannot come up with anything better to do.  So this is how I personally felt, anyone else care to share their experiences?  How’d you feel about Twitter in the first place? How’d you end up liking it? And what was your favorite part?


4 thoughts on “Live Tweeting Experience

  1. I see exactly where you are coming from. I was unsure how was was going to be able to come up with 10 tweets in three days. That was double what I had previously. But, once I started doing it, it was really fun and I learn some stuff in the making. My favorite part is looking through all the vines and seeing what everyone’s comments were. Especially, if a troll decided to take over.


  2. I definitely know what you mean as far as hating twitter at first. I made mine 3 or 4 years ago and its gotten more use this past week than ever before. To see it as something that can really be fun to use and actually somewhat useful has been really interesting and almost enlightening.


  3. I too had an initial dislike to Twitter. It seemed like another social media trend and something that would ultimately fade away as Myspace did. I did not see the usefulness for Twitter however. I grew into it from Middle school over time to recently where I found it was a distraction to me, hindering my work ethic. Jumping back in the Twitter nest, I have enjoyed my time on it. I don’t feel as forced to be on it at all times. Now I feel like I have the power and may use it as I please. I hope you enjoy it as well! This post was good, however double check your grammar and re-read your future posts to make sure they sound clean. There is a slight air of choppiness to this one in particular. Keep up the good writing.


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