What Should We Need Permission for and What Shouldn’t We?

What should we need permission to ask people for and what should we be able to use without asking.  There are definitely things that we shouldn’t be aloud to just HAVE, but absolutely there are things that we should be able to use, especially when it is for something personal not commercial.

For example can you imagine if you had to ask permission to quote someone whether that be from a journal, magazine, book, or online article just to put it in your college essay? As stated in Revived by Lessig, ‘Why would (or should) we be “outraged” if the law required us to ask Al Gore for permission when we wanted to include a quote from his book The Assault on Reason in an essay?”.  So if this were the case, I wouldn’t have been able to quote that in the moment like I just did. I would have to wait weeks, months, years, or even end up not receiving the permission ever.  Just to put that simple quote from a book in my blog?  As we can see this would make it incredibly challenging for students and reporters to do their jobs.  But this  does not only effect students and writers.

I understand it is not right to steal stuff from people but in some circumstances people are being a little ridiculous on trying to to protect the stuff that is “theirs”.  As mentioned in The Life of Randy Ksar, “Facebook is removing videos with copyright content such as videos and background music.  Just this week, a video I created when my family and I cut down the xmas tree in 2008 (uploaded Dec. 29, 2008) got removed proactively due to the Feliz Navidad song I used for background music.”  Really though is posting a family video with music in the background that big of a deal!? Apparently it is.


Lastly I understand there are things that we do need to ask permission for, but should we really have to if it is only for personally use not commercial?  I guess the question I am asking you is do you think it is wrong to use media if you are only using it for the benefit or pleasure of your own?  Do you think having a Christmas video with Feliz Navidad playing in the background is something worth suing or complaining about?


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